Planet Centric Design

Under the current system, the success of a business is only measured by how much value it provides to its users. 

It’s time to recognize that businesses exists in a shared planet, and we need to consider the planet’s needs together with the user needs. 

If you design with the planet in mind, you will ultimately bring more value to the user. 

Planet Centric Design is a guided process to help align businesses with the planet’s needs in order to achieve more balance between humans and the biosphere.

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Who is this for?

This is the core creative methodology we use at Impossible in order to help large corporations and startups alike, develop products in alignment with the planet.

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Planet Centric Design Toolkit


Impossible has partnered with MakeSense to deploy a Planet Centric Design Toolkit. This enables workshop facilitators, designers and Make_Sense volunteers to help startups and businesses find product and market fit as well as planet fit.