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Nikabot is a chatbot for project tracking. It helps companies to collect data about how team members split their time between projects, which helps managers improve client billing, reporting, communication and the general transparency of the projects.


The first video we ever created for Nikabot, Back when Impossible was called Kwamecorp.



We wanted to free up project managers’ time while still ensuring the systematic collection of project data.


We created a chat-based project tracking bot for Slack.


Integrated project tracking AI in a globally used team chat interface, intuitive reports and downloadable data.


AI for improved accounting and efficiency

We think that project reporting is an ideal task for robots, or at least for the day-to-day collection and reporting. Anyone concerned with efficient use of human and financial resources will appreciate that accurate data helps managers make more informed decisions and do better planning.

Nikabot's reports help you improve your team's client billing, reporting, communication, and the general transparency of the projects.


Better management for remote teams

Impossible has more than 50 people working in London, Lisbon, San Francisco and Brisbane, so we have to consider the challenges of different time zones and the inability to catch up in person. We wanted to create a tool that keeps all team members up to date and makes it easy for everyone to share information about what they are working on.

We believe that as a service Nikabot reflects the Impossible ethos of building products and services that make us happier (and less frustrated), even if it is just to minimize those repetitive project management tasks and liberate that time for creating awesomeness.

Project tracking has always been a painful process, requiring lots of effort for every team member, now it only takes 10 seconds per employee. Nikabot is the most intuitive solution for project tracking we have ever used!
— Joan Lladó, STAY