Lonely Planet




Impossible engineered Lonely Planet's fully functioning product for a smartwatch platform. It's a strategically important product for Lonely Planet as it becomes an increasingly digital brand and takes their place on travellers’ wrists.

Impossible Labs was pivotal to our success to navigate the development on the platform (Tizen) and also to ship a timely release. We could not have built a high-quality solution for our users without their help.
— Craig Murray, Director of User Experience, Lonely Planet
Samsung Gear S3 Features Lonely Planet's Travel App, Guides and Exclusively Designed Watchfaces.png


Lonely Planet wanted to develop an app for a smartwatch that would let travellers effortlessly find out information about their destinations.


Impossible developers implemented Lonely Planet’s vision for the Android app for the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch.


Impossible helped Lonely Planet to develop a product on a new platform for them, and conquer travellers’ wrists.


Lonely Planet is one of the most famous travel brands in the world, with travel guides covering the biggest cities in the world and more secluded natural heritage destinations.

Lonely Planet approached Impossible Labs in order to develop a companion version of the Guides app for the Gear S3 Samsung smartwatch, as well as four travel-themed watch faces.

The team at Lonely Planet had a clear vision for the smartwatch app, and they wanted to work with Impossible to validate that vision and turn it into a fully functioning product.