Impossible to print


I2P is a physical extension of the Impossible concept and ethos in a magazine form.


Issue 2

This second issue is designed in homage to the power of poster and print: the magazine has tear off photography throughout by Mayan Toledano, Lily Cole and Maxine Walters.

Interviews in this issue include, David Attenborough on climate change as a women’s rights issue, Nick Tree describing aboriginal matrilineal tradition in Australia and Tea Uglow discussing her transition from Tom to Tea. The political interplay of the poster and print are also explored with Robert Montgomery, Maxine Walters, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rosalie Schweiker and Jefferson Hack. Plus, Mark Boyle describes - through handwritten pencil letters - living without technology.

Above photography by Mayan Toledano.

To purchase the full limited edition publication visit Antenne Books, you can also read a digital excerpt here.