Impossible health and wellness policy


Impossible encourages its employees to participate in health and wellness activities during the workweek and throughout the year. Our company will handle any health insurance and wellness plans with attention to relevant legal guidelines.

This is how we do it:

Gym membership or equivalent is paid for by Impossible as as add-on to employee salary.

Impossible also funds exercise equipment the employee wishes to acquire up to 25% of the value of the equipment with a cap at 2k per employee per year.

Impossible purchases standing desks for any employee that wants to engage in the standing revolution.

Impossible has a creative healthy lifestyle program, now called ‘Impossible islands’ where the company pays for remote work activities that follow a daily structured activity prioritising balance between work and exercise (physical and mental wellness).  Impossible islands are held at different times of the year and pro-actively organised by team leads. There is no minimum or maximum number allowed.

Impossible provides fresh organic fruit and healthy vegan snacks in every office. Although a believer in the power of fasting as a fundamental force for health, these snacks are available and replenished every week. 

Genetic information and disability

Confidentiality and respect to our employees’ rights are important to us. We won’t:

  • use any genetic information and disability status to disadvantage our employees in any way.

  • use wellness incentives in exchange for genetic information or information on our employees’ health condition or that of their family.

  • try to coerce employees into providing health/genetic information or taking medical examinations.

We will let employees know what health information we need for our wellness program, who will be able to see it and why. All data will be kept confidential and our company will be able to access aggregated data.

Voluntary participation

We encourage employees to participate in our wellness program but their participation is voluntary . There won’t be any punishment or adverse action for employees who choose not to use our wellness resources and program.

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