The world of finance is opaque and unfair. Braveno believes in a new financial system that empowers everyone, and turned to Impossible Labs to help deliver their vision of a new type of trading platform.


Mathias Gronnebaek, the CEO of Braveno, thinks that everyone should be able to invest in what they believe in. He wants to make it possible for everyone to be able to invest, and to make it easy for startup companies to participate in capital markets.

Braveno is a new type of trading platform (a.k.a Market Operator Platform) where retail clients’ transactions do not go through central banks like in traditional trading, but directly to the final recipient of the transaction. This cuts out the middleman and hence reduces the transaction processing time from up to five working days to less than ten minutes, while the blockchain technology that Braveno uses takes care of the transparency and accountability of the transactions.

Braveno approached Impossible because they had heard good things about the team, and wanted to delegate design and branding strategies to a company who understands Braveno's underlying vision. Impossible created the UX and UI designs for the website and the mobile trading app, and also developed the visual branding in collaboration with Braveno.