What future do you want?


“It’s from the champions of the impossible, rather than from slaves of the possible,
that evolution draws its creative force” - Barbara Wootton


The future should not be inevitable - it should be desired before it’s created.

We want the future to be composed of possibilities, not inevitabilities. But in order to do so we need to start with … impossibilities.

Humanity has evolved to take conscious control of its life thanks to the ability to think beyond our immediate surroundings, to imagine things that are much more than the extrapolation of existing possibilities. Impossible can often be a disguised possible, if only it were thought of as such.

Think of the future with a tabula rasa mind. As if the concepts of possible and impossible didn’t exist, as if you’re looking at a pile of bricks that can build your future, and you just have to pick the bricks you like. But then… what future would you build?

The Book of Possibilities is a common effort of Impossible collective to explore a vast expanse of (im)possibilities that should have presence in our future. We invite you to join the discussion.

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