We think the future should not be inevitable. It should be desired before it is created. These are our thoughts on how to achieve that.



Inside peek: here’s how we built WikiTribune in 72 hours

“The business models for journalism are a real challenge,” Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia told us.

We Need Better Mirrors

In Standing Rock a group of protesters huddle up. They are carrying large mirrored shields put together by Cannupa Hanska Luger.


Building playful tech: Glimpse in progress

Inside peek: here’s how we built WikiTribune in 72 hours

The rise of accidental co-living in London and how to make it a good thing.


Impossible Wardrobe — helping people and brands be conscious about clothing and the environment

WikiTribune: work in progress

We visited a refugee camp in Samos and this is what we found


A Small UI Change For Bots — A Giant Leap For Usability

Glimpse — a sneak peek into your creative self